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How To Set Up Customers In Xero

This integration only syncs sales data, such as product categories, transaction receipts, payment methods, and tax rates. On account sales and purchase orders do not currently sync to Xero. With our Xero integration, customers, invoices, payments and Purchase Orders you create in our software will automatically sync to Xero. With the setup, we also do a one-time import of all your Xero customers and inventory items. DEAR supports consolidating sales invoices/credit notes with different exchange rates. The average exchange rate for all the transactions over the consolidated period will be used for the consolidated invoice/credit note.

See More Account Mapping below for further information. On the sign-up screen, you will be asked to enter some information about your business. When asked to connect your accounting system, select Xero. Save your changes and move on to creating the next account. When all required accounts are created, move on to the next section.

Branding theme when payment is arranged manually

During payment consolidation and exporting consolidated payments, payments for which sales are not yet synced cannot be exported/ consolidated to Xero. It is mandatory to have a linked invoice for a payment to be synced to Xero. The first time you go into a Company Account after connecting to Xero the system will check to see if the Account exists as a contact in Xero. If it does, it will update Really Simple Systems with a unique Account or Ledger Code. You will also be able to view the last invoice date and the total sales for the Company Account as well as any payments that are overdue.

They could narrow down their customers and create ultra-personalized campaigns on Facebook, which can minimize unnecessary marketing spending. Many companies have noticed a significant reduction in marketing and sales costs after Facebook Xero integration. By activating the Facebook Xero integration, you can understand your campaigns better and pick out the best-performing campaigns based on the ROI generated. Anyone can set up Xero integration with Facebook in 5 simple steps. If you are using Xero or planning to use it, understanding its API-level integrations with other applications is important. One such useful function is a Facebook Xero integration.

Run an Aged Receivables Summary Report

Applicable only if you have Stripe gateway enabled. In case you need to push data from Chargebee to Xero immediately, you can do so by clicking Sync Now option. Discounts cannot be synced to a specific GL Account.

How To Set Up Customers In Xero

Invoicing is just one part of the whole purchasing process. To make it as smooth as possible, it’s essential to sync finance and procurement teams. Click on the “Switch How To Set Up Customers In Xero to new invoicing” to change the invoice version. Attach additional files you want to include with the invoice. To execute the process, click on the Execute button.

Manage Your Xero Account

Select the start date for your sync and your time zone. Your data will sync every morning at midnight in your time zone. Confirm that you have added all payment methods accepted by your business to this section.

  • By integrating both of them, you get access to a wider range of customer data and perform more than your capabilities.
  • Xero integration with Facebook opens the door to a wide customer base pool that was earlier available in Xero.
  • By activating the Facebook Xero integration, you can understand your campaigns better and pick out the best-performing campaigns based on the ROI generated.
  • Alternately, put tables etc in “included” services – as these are not used on invoices.
  • We have the ability to sync or not sync outbound payments, and we can also attempt to sync payments into our software from Xero.
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